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Floating the Flop – a Basic yet Highly Efficient Holdem Strategy

Online poker has seen an explosion of aggression in recent years. Nowadays, aggression is not only trendy, it is indeed used quite efficiently used by a large number of poker players, professionals and recreational players alike. With the high number of aggressive players, it is inevitable that some of them be abusers, and mistake-prone, and this is what a savvy player simply must exploit.

With all the aggression going around, some of the traditional edges have gotten smaller, but the aggression has created new edges which beg good players to swoop in on them. The best way to exploit these aggression-related edges is through the floating of the flop.

The floating of the flop is the single most efficient counter of aggression. What exactly does it consist of though?

The floating of the flop is basically about calling a c-bet on the flop with the intention of turning the tables on the c-bettor once he shows weakness on a later street. This statement begs the question: what is a c-bet? The c-bet (or continuation bet) is one of the most commonly used tools of aggression. A player who makes a preflop bet, will often resort to the c-bet in order to push his attack home, and needless to say, many of these c-bets are nothing but cold-blooded bluffs.

If the flop floater does happen upon a c-bettor who’s bluffing, his call on the flop will unsettle his opponent who may resort to just checking on the turn for example. That’s when floater swings into action and pushes the c-bettor off the pot for good.

The floating of the flop lends itself well to cash game- as well as tournament action. Being a multi-street strategy though, it’s best employed in deep-stacked situations.

One should always only float the flop from position.

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