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Squirly - funny, addictive game where you can win a prize!?

Is it a rumour? Or is it the truth? That’s always the question with ‘internet rumours’, there are so many people around on the world wide web, and everyone has a different opinion and it’s hardly to check if someone is saying the truth or not.

There’s many different platforms as well, not just Facebook or Twitter, now a days it’s easily to upload your own content via a blog or an article.

But this is interesting, because what I found is not just from one article or source, it comes from several sources, and mainly from reliable and well-known forums.

The original post comes from, here you can find the article that says you can win clash of clans gems reward with Squirly. In the post the ex-partner of the founder of Squirly says you can easily win a prize when you achieve the highscore as first. The prize is about 50.000 clash of clans gems, but the other guys says it’s 50.000 gift cards, which makes more sense to me.

When I found this post, I did some more research and I found this article about winning 50.000 iTunes giftcards. I’m sure it’s about winning a prize with squirlyagain, I’m not sure if it’s money or a cocgems squirly prize you can win, but it’s something!

After I was already sure this was not fake, I did a few more searches in Google and I found again, another forum article about this. But here they’re not talking about iTunes giftcards, clash of clans gems, but they’re already talking about 50K USD, that’s a lot of money if you ask me!

So now I start doubting about this Squirly hidden prize / hidden code game where you can win a huge prize. Is it the COC gems? Is it US dollars? Or Gift Cards? I’m really curious now.

I started playing this squirrel game just now, to check out if I can beat the highscore from 50.000 points, but I came to the highscore of 13.000 points, so what to do? I need help from some hardcore gamers finding out if you can really win a hidden prize in this game!

Top! Top!